Your Child’s Pride Is Our Joy

Welcome to Q-dees Jalan Ipoh at Putra Majestik

Unparalleled Facilities

With a wide variety of distinctive indoor spaces and playrooms for children to explore, the learning opportunities are endless.

Teacher-Child Ratio

Our ‘unique child, individual learning’ policy translates into a very low teacher-child ratio.


We update and communicate through our friendly app, Watsapp.


A cozy place where your child learns and play.

After School Activities

It’s a one stop center, we offer activities related to creativity skills.

Promoting an inclusive and diverse setting

We Promote an inclusive and diverse setting for progressive learning and growth of your child in and increasingly global environment.


You have now arrived at the right place. We provide a stimulating, safe and professionally managed environment, combined with the warmth of a personal homely touch, to create the perfect setting where a strong foundation can be lovingly laid for your child’s lifelong learning abilities and physical, emotional and creative development. As parents, we all want the best of everything for our children. With your child at Q-Dees Jalan Ipoh, at Putra Majestik, you can trust us to do what is best for your child.

In alignment with our individual-learning policy, we are keen to meet you and your child first to understand your child’s unique needs.

Visit us with your child, and see for yourself why Q-dees concept is special

The Q-dees Putra Majestik Jalan Ipoh Edge

We strongly believe that each child is unique, so the curricular milestones we set are always individual to your child. Following the guiding principles of the Q-dees curriculum, combined with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities to provide balanced and well-rounded learning opportunities, our passionate staff carefully plan out each child’s day to provide them with activities that encourage them to achieve their next milestone. We provide support and positive reinforcement, and avoid comparisons or standardisation.

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, in order to maintain and develop best childcare practices.

Our Team

Our teachers are not just qualified, first-aid trained and knowledgeable about Early Years development, but truly passionate about nurturing and making a positive impact on growing minds.


At Q-Dees Jalan Ipoh, we strive to provide children with a wide array of curricular as well as extra-curricular activities and language learning opportunities.

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