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Here at Q-dees Putra Majestik, we provide the best quality in Early Years.  We understand the significance of early stages of learning and the importance of nurturing towards a child’s successful future.  We are friendly, passionate, loving and caring.  A safe and a fun environment for our students and families. We believe that children are achieve learners and each is unique in the way they develop and progress through sequences of development stages. A place where every child is given an opportunity to learn in our community.  Our positive attitude and mutual respect are part of everything we say and do.


To provide our students with the opportunity to develop the generic skills that are needed for them to become lifelong learner.  To teach them to live, love and to grow.  To provide quality developmentally appropriate Early Childhood Education. It’s a nurturing school where we teach the whole child.


To provide the highest quality of care to the children in the communities that we serve,in world-class, innovative and exciting facilities where curiosity is fostered and knowledge is developed in a fun and stimulating learning environment allowing each unique child to grow to their full potential.

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