Parent, Center’s and Teacher’s Partnership

Your Child Our Care

As a parent, you realize the value of that kind yet firm, helpful and guiding teacher who changed everything. We realize the critical importance of that teacher. That’s why we make great efforts to bring the best teachers to your child, and invest heavily in their professional development.

We are passionate about working with children and committed to creative teaching and nurturing the individual needs of pupils whilst providing a safe, loving and secure environment.

Our role as your child’s teacher is to be an inspirer, lovingly scaffolding your child’s learning through play. We recognize that your child is special and will grow and develop at his or her own pace and approach.

We are committed to several forward-looking practices that will help your child blossom into a responsible and caring individual:

Together We Grow

Parents and pupils’ families are an important part of the Q-DEES Jalan Ipoh community.Of course, your most fundamental involvement is through your invited presence at our special events through the year:  Concert, Sports Day, graduation ceremony, and so on. We also host parent-centric events through the year, allowing parents to remain engaged with their children’s nursery activities.

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