Preschool Timings

The Preschool day runs from 8:30 am to 12:45 pm and follows Early Childhood curriculum plan. However, we provide parents with great flexibility, and are open from 8.00am

In that extra time, we provide the following additional sessions:

As children arrive, activities are set for the children in order for them to ‘settle’, relax and greet their friends focusing on social skills with a focus on peer interaction. Singing songs, reading stories and play activities and individual reading sessions with a teacher. At around 8.30am your child’s classroom  is ready for the days’ fun and learning with a Circle Time Interactions as the class begins.

There is much more to than curricular-fun! We foster and embrace holistic development. Afternoon Activities provides continuous care for children who attend our morning  sessions. There is a strong emphasis on the three Prime areas within the.      Communication & Language, Personnel & Social Development and Physical development.    

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