Student Education Programs

Pre-school Classes

Quality Q-dees Program is developed to empower young minds through innovative programs. Program are carefully integrated and modulated to create step by step continuous learning pathway from Preschool to Enrichment schools thus enabling their vision to grow as they achieve new height.

Nursery Classes

A cozy place where children learn and have fun. Our respect for this unparalleled stage of development is reflected in the age appropriate curriculum. The program and activities addresses the developmental needs of children in social, emotional and physical domains.

After School


Bahasa Malaysia, English Language and Mathematic

To provide and help every student in a personalized coaching. To help every student who need an extra help in their lessons.

Gym Activity

Through Monkeynastix, the children explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with fun and exciting movement education program with gym equipment under qualified instructors.      


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